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When we switch on a light we hardly associate this trifling gesture with the availability of water. But the reality is profoundly different, because recent estimates by the International Energy Agency suggest that energy production uses at least 15% of the world’s water resources. And the next few years will see a significant increase in the demand for electricity by developing countries.

Within twenty years the global demand is likely to increase by 30% and this will also pose problems in terms of water management. An open question, which we will discuss from 23 to 26 October at Watec Italy 2019, the event in Cremona dedicated to technologies for sustainable water management.

In this race for energy production, hydroelectric power will play an increasing part, rising from the current 25% to 40%. This growth is already causing geopolitical tensions in many areas, where the damming of rivers that flow through several neighbouring countries could lead to water wars.

This is an area of ​​development in which technology will play an essential role in making production processes ever more efficient and sustainable, requiring a new attitude to water resource management.

This is one of the issues that the experts present at Watec will be discussing shortly. Stay tuned.


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