Water becomes increasingly digital

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The future? Difficult to predict. Yet clearly the increasingly pervasive interaction between digital controls and our everyday life will increase exponentially. This is the “IOT”, an acronym for “Internet of things”. It’s not science fiction, but already a solid reality, known to experts in the field of water resource management as “digital water”.

Hence it is hardly surprising that Watec Italy will be devoting ample space to digital technologies, which today enable the distribution networks to be remote-controlled with unprecedented efficiency by monitoring hundreds of kilometres of pipelines and thousands of valves.

The advantage? Discovering leaks or failures in real time, enabling the network to be rapidly repaired and fully functioning with minimum waste. Thanks to the digitalisation of the distribution network, today water is becoming smart, meaning that water resources can be used in increasingly intelligent and virtuous ways in the civil, industrial and agricultural sectors.

Themes related to digital water will be covered in full by international experts, who will be the moving spirits at the conferences organised during Watec Italy. From 23 to 26 October the event will transform Cremona into the Italian water capital. For the full program of seminars, the address is www.watecitaly.com/conference-program.

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