Phosphorus recovery, the new frontier

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The world has a huge need for phosphorus. It serves agriculture and industry and we find it in hundreds of production processes that mark our lives, even though we rarely notice them.

But phosphorus is also a dangerous pollutant, if not properly treated.

The bad news is that the quarries from which phosphates are extracted could be exhausted in a hundred years, compelling us to find other sustainable sources. And this, together with some geopolitical problems that are slowing down its extraction, is causing the price of phosphorus to rise worryingly.

The good news? Wastewater treatment plants can play a crucial role because, by using special technologies, we can retrieve large quantities of phosphorus while freeing our water resources from this dangerous pollutant. Easily said, but less simple in practice.

This is why phosphorus recovery will be one of the topics at the heart of Watec Italy 2019, the event that from 23 to 26 October will bring the finest international water research to Cremona. A truly hi-tech theme because it requires a not-so-simple technology to extract the mineral from wastewater and the debate on  the economic aspects of this practice is still open.

One more reason to attend Watec Italy and the scheduled seminars. Because the future of water flows through Cremona.

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