Watec 2019 – Water Live

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Efficient, sustainable and aware. Water is rapidly becoming the most important resource on the planet and virtuous technologies and management strategies are required to safeguard this key element for the development of the world economy.

Which is what Watec Italy 2019 is all about. Cremonafiere and the Israeli Kenes Exhibition have organised an event from 23 to 26 October in Cremona to bring together leading experts and the most promising start ups in the sector to discuss water and its rational use.

A four-day exhibition showcasing the most advanced technologies and services available on the market, together with a packed calendar of seminars addressing the issue of water resource management in all its aspects, with a main focus on its use in agriculture and animal husbandry, two key sectors of the Po Valley economy.

A global approach that embraces all the economic and financial aspects, plus the development plans the World Bank is working on, to define the geographical and thematic areas international investors will be focusing on over the next few years.

Technical issues are also well to the fore in the session dedicated to the delicate relationship between water and animal production, in a chance to discuss the best technologies to create efficient circular management, reducing waste and recovering as much waste water as possible so that it can be properly purified to re-enter the cycle.

A similar approach characterises the session dedicated to agriculture, a sector which sees Lombardy as one of the most dynamic and productive regions in the world for the cultivation of maize, rice and tomatoes. Here the focus will be on the role “IOT” technologies (Internet of things) is destined to play in this sector.

But Watec is also about investments in areas of huge potential such as Africa, where the availability of water is not only an essential tool to combat malnutrition but is also rapidly becoming an element of political and strategic pressure. Here troubling tensions between neighbouring countries with large-scale waterways passing through their territory are beginning to emerge in some areas.

These are just some of the main themes on which the Watec Italy steering committee is working to make the next edition of the event a must for all those who see water as the key element in the development of their business.

So stay connected and follow www.watecitaly.com for all the latest news on the October event.

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