UN World Water Day with Watec Italy

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Today is the #UN #World #Water #Day.

“Instead of wasting wastewater, we need to reduce and reuse it. In our homes, we can reuse greywater on our gardens and plots. In our cities, we can treat and reuse wastewater for green spaces. In industry and agriculture, we can treat and recycle discharge for things such as cooling systems and irrigation. By exploiting this valuable resource, we will make the water cycle work better for every living thing and help achieve the Sustainable Development Goal 6 target to halve the proportion of untreated wastewater, and increase water recycling and safe reuse”.

All of the above mentioned topics will be analyzed in the framework of the #WATECItaly 2017 #Conference  https://watecitaly.com/conference-program/ . Among the speakers, Professor Corrado Clini will give his lecture on the Economic Value of water and its related infrastructures, and Mr. Francesco Pareti will describe the EU programming in great depth. This event is organized in collaboration with the European Investment Bank, the World Bank, and Aqua Publica Europea. #water #fundingsopportunities.

For further info, do not hesitate to contact us!

Join US at Watec Italy TODAY – June 21-23 2017, Palermo, Sicily

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