The future from wastewater

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The data released by UNESCO is hair-raising. Official estimates remind us that at least 80% of the wastewater produced worldwide is returned to the environment without any kind of treatment. The figure rises to 95% in less developed countries.

This is why at Watec Italy 2019 (Cremona, October 23-26) the issue of waste water reuse will be at the centre of the debate. Agriculture could become one of the sectors in which this important resource could be reused most and open the door to a real circular economy.

This issue is deeply felt in Lombardy, where there have already been positive experiments conducted along these lines, combining civil, industrial and agricultural needs. But in future sewage sludge could become an important source for recovering phosphorus or even organic substances, to be used for agricultural purposes.

We’ll be talking about this at Watec 2019. Stay tuned.

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