Tapwater? Couldn’t be safer!

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Water potability is a sensitive issue, capable of influencing the lives of millions of people and exerting a strong impact on countries’ economic development. Fortunately,  European consumers, and Italians in particular, are among the world’s most protected. Thanks to the technology available today, they can drink the water that comes out of the tap at home with absolute peace of mind.

This result, as the debates hosted at Watec Italy 2019 will show, is the outcome of an integrated approach between innovation, research, administration of public resources and transparency.

The real challenge? Move beyond the standards set by law and anticipate any future emergencies by studying new-generation compounds and contaminants which the scientific community is still researching. Without generating false alarms, but with the awareness of they have always to be on the alert to protect the consumer.

Some names that warrant the greatest attention? PFOA, PFOS, Beta estradiol, Nonyl phenols.

You don’t know them? Come to Cremona from 23 to 26 October for Watec Italy and you’ll have an opportunity to talk with the leading international experts dealing with water and its treatment. Because nothing is more multidisciplinary than water.


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