In the cowshed: offsetting the heat wave with water

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“Metabolic athletes”: this is how today’s cows are defined, true champions in the production of more and more milk, in environmental conditions not always easy.

To produce 1 litre of milk a cow has to circulate at least 500 litres of blood through its udder. This compels its metabolism to turn at the highest levels. A side effect is the production of large quantities of heat that cows have to disperse to the outside environment.

This is simple in the winter months, but it becomes a challenge in summer, when outdoor temperatures rise above 30 °C, forcing farmers to take remedial action.

And here water comes into play. The cows are bathed improving their well-being as they go to the feeders or stay in the waiting area before being milked. We’ll be talking about this at Watec Italy 2019, the event hosted from 23 to 26 October in the pavilions of the Fiera di Cremona, at the same time as the 74th International Dairy Cattle Show.

An opportunity to talk about the best technologies for cooling livestock, while reducing water consumption, an important item for every cowshed, also considering how much a milking cow drinks daily: 200 litres.

You don’t believe it? Come to Watec 2019 and you’ll get all the facts. Stay tuned.

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